carforyou-example-pkg (JavaScript)

🦥 Click "Use this template" to get started with a new package. Search/replace `example` with the name of your pkg. Follow the conventions in the docs repo:

carforyou-phraseapp-pkg (JavaScript)

🦜 CAR FOR YOU Phraseapp workflow

carforyou-components-pkg (TypeScript)

🏗 CAR FOR YOU React components

carforyou-api-client-pkg (TypeScript)

👾 API client to connect with the CAR FOR YOU APIs

carforyou-ld-pkg (TypeScript)

🚩 Server-side launchdarkly feature flags for nextjs with client-side experimentation and insights

carforyou-eslint-config-pkg (JavaScript)

💅🏻 A package containing eslint rules that we use at CAR FOR YOU

carforyou-configuration-pkg (JavaScript)

⚙️ CAR FOR YOU configuration conventions for next.js and node

pika-plugin-build-components-pkg (TypeScript)

👷‍♂️ pika/pack plugin for building component libraries. Supports CSS modules and creates a separate node build

fe-coding-challenge (TypeScript)

🙌🏻 A coding challenge for front-end engineer candidates

carforyou-ad-data-fetcher (JavaScript)

🦊 Prefetches data in a headless browser so we can server-side render ads